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New Hampshire Alimony

Hampton New Hampshire Divorce and Family Attorney 

If you are in the middle of a divorce or the beginning phase and are concerned about the alimony laws in New Hampshire, it is important to get the legal representation from an experienced Portsmouth, New Hampshire Divorce Attorney. Every divorcing couple's situation is unique and requires individualized attention.

Considerations for Alimony in New Hampshire

The Family Courts consider many factors when establishing alimony. Either spouse can ask for alimony from the other. When determining alimony, the court may consider:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Age and health of both parties
  • Economic and occupations skills of both parties
  • Fault of either party of divorce
  • Federal tax consequences of the order
  • Contribution of each party financially

Many other factors may also be considered when alimony is requested. The party that is seeking alimony must show a lack of sufficient income to reasonably provide for themself. The person who alimony is sought to pay alimony in New Hampshire must be able to meet their own needs. 

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